Hey guys! So as some of you may know that my very first movie that I ever saw wasn't a family movie. Wasn't some Disney movie. AND IT WAS NOT A KID MOVIE... Yes my very first movie was 'Jeepers Creepers' and it is also my all time favorite movie! I also know every single word to that movie.  And for the people that know about the third installment to the franchise then good for you! lol.

                         Okay for they people that have been living under a rock for that 13 years hears some info on the franchise! The film Jeepers Creepers hit theaters on august 31st 2001 (10 days after my birthday crazy right?!) Heres the overview of the classic film. 'A brother and sister driving home for spring break encounter a flesh-eating creature in the isolated countryside that is on the last day of its ritualistic eating spree.' (Sounds good, right?) 
                         The film was amazing, If you haven't seen it, then..... Your life must suck (JK). Okay, some regarding the success of the first  first one not one year later they came out with a sequel. Now the sequel is more of a action/horror movie, when the first one is a horror/thriller movie with a time frame of action. The second installment wasn't as good as the first one in my opinion but its a good film. 

                           Okay, so flash forward into the year 2009, I would be in 4th grade not really thinking about the creeper until i hoped on to my laptop to find out that Victor Salva (creator of the films) announced that the third installment will be coming out in the year 2011. I was soo happy! I jumped around and to almost everyone I know! But when 2011 came no Jeepers Creepers. People were driving to the movie theaters to see SCREAM 4 (Love that movie! the first one is my favorite) and buy their tickets for some stupid ass movie called 2012... I movie about how the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. Guess what assholes it didn't happen!
                             It was now 2013 right after new years when  I soon heard more news that It would be coming out in the summer of 2013. I so pumped but soon let down when it came time for the first day of school. I search 'Jeepers Creepers updates 2013'  at lest once a week. And never find any real news about it. UNTIL TODAY!

                  Okay so I was on youtube and found this interview with Johnathan Breck (the man who played the creeper). And he stated "I got the script about a year ago, it was amazing, but MGM was in money issues and couldn't afford a $62,000,000  film at the moment.... Everything is ready to start production we just need a date". (I'll give you the link at the end!) At that video was uploaded 4 months ago!!! So I did more research, and FINALLY FOUND A LIGHT IN THIS DARK TUNNEL! (note: I didn't 'A light at the end of the tunnel' because the light at the end of the tunnel is WHEN I'M SITTING A FUCKING MOVIE THEATER SEAT STUFFING MY FACE WITH POPCORN WHILE WATCH THE MOVIE!) I went on many websites to find out and i quote "Jeepers Creepers 3 Has started, we even have one of filming in the can!" 

                  I am soo happy right! and Also theirs 3 photos from the set already! mmmmm, I'm so happy that something that i saw then I was 2 years old is coming to the big screen one more time.






Hi guys so, I made a new youtube video today. It's about bullying so if you wanna go watch it...then watch it! lol. So yup this is my blog where i will TRY to blog once a day. So byeee!


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